#1 (Millery)

Posts about my AFS year program in Millery, France:

Pre-Departure Orientation(s)
Lots to say!!
School news!!!
Getting closer to departure
2 Weeks Notice
Safe, sound, and in France
To answer some questions
A new month begins (+ photos!)
English, French, and everything in between
Alpes, anniversaire, and another blog update!
I <3 Paris
Half way through my third month...?
J'arrive, J'arrive
I'm late, I'm late, for a very important update!
Spring is here!
It's raining, It's Wednesday, I've got nothing better to do...
Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard
Et, ben, voila quoi...
I don't know if anyone's around to read this, but...
Tangible Proof (The reunion episode)

A special thanks to those who sponsored my very first adventure abroad:

The Kamantauskas-Holder family
The Provan Family
The Heinlein Family
The Osborn Family
Uncle Charles & Aunt Deirdre
Uncle David & Aunt Barbara
My Amazing Friends
Grammie & Grampie Kamantauskas
Marge Knowles
Nancy Mears
The Bartlett Family

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