Aug 1, 2014

A very different kind of adventure

So it looks like I'm back to traveling the world. After a mini adventure choir tour in the Philippines, I am started on the typical college Junior conquest: Study abroad. I'm off to spend a year away from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, changing up my pace for 2 semesters at Universidad Viña del Mar in Chile! I wanted a chance to really perfect my Spanish and see more of the world, so at the start of last year I started the process of getting accepted. 

The only problem is that around that time a very different kind of adventure was beginning. Around that time I met a boy. Ah yes, I was falling in love all while planning to fly away in the near future. Both agendas advanced without much conflict, which led to a conflict all its own. Now I find myself in a position I'd never thought I'd be in: I'm hesitant, reluctant even, to go abroad. I know, me of all people right? But it's true, I'm a hopeless romantic. 

But the tuition is paid, the plane tickets are bought, and there's no turning back. After a long, emotional "See you later" I'm on my way from Honolulu to Vancouver to Toronto to Santiago to Viña del Mar. I'll start keeping this blog updated again, hopefully you'll start reading it once more.

Hasta pronto, 

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