Jul 31, 2012

So what happens now?

This all started as a way to show my family what was going to happen now that their 15 year old daughter/granddaughter/niece/cousin had decided to up and leave, and I never thought this would amount to too much. "Sophia's AFS Adventure" was supposed to fade into darkness pretty quickly. Yet here I am, 2 countries and 3 totally different experiences later, still blogging. I was (once again) planning on dropping off the face of the blogging world after my exchange ended, but due to some persuasive family members I'm keeping up with it (at least for a while).

So what will I have to write about? I mean, I've already done AFS. Twice. And I was a nanny. In Paris. I've conquered French high school, wielded a machete, learned how to change a diaper in less than a minute, tasted wine older than myself, danced in the street at midnight, gotten photos with police officers, run under the Eiffel Tower, ridden a Vespa, learned how to make tortillas, gotten odd nicknames, told jokes in languages I don't speak, written music, performed with 200 person choir, slept on a train, explored a city in a downpour, asked a stranger to marry me, taken sides in a soccer (sorry, football) rivalry, lived with 5 dogs, and organized an entire library of music. What could possibly come next?

Well, I'll be starting my first year of college, an event that will surely prove to be just as blog-worthy as any of my past adventures. But why do you care? I mean what's the intrigue in some random girl from Maryland's freshman year?

First of all, because I'm going to school in Hawai'i, which is just as different a culture to mainland USA as that of France or Costa Rica. If you're into this for the whole intercultural understanding thing, I'll be sure to post about what makes Hawai'i cool (besides the beach and the weather.) (Although I'm sure I'll be writing about that too, just to make you a tad jealous).

If you're more reading this to check out AFS and find out why being an exchange student rocks, then this will kind of be like a sneak peek into what life could be like as a returnee. It'll be a first hand look into the impact that an exchange can have on the lifestyle of the student. Or something like that.

And if you're just reading this because you love me, well then you'll get more Sophie updates!

So, yeah, pretty much it's a win win situation for everyone.

As for me, I'm currently in Texas visiting family and finally meeting my 9 month old niece for the first time. In a few days my parents and I are going to head out west and take Route 66 all the way to Los Angeles. Then it's off to Hawai'i to start my fourth (!!!) global adventure. Stick along for the ride?


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  1. You are my idol, I'm in Costa Rica fr 1,5 month now on a exchange..
    You are inspiring!