May 13, 2012

Photos! (Phinally...)

Sorry for the title, sometimes I try too hard to be phunny...


Alright, let's start here. These are my main partners in crime here. We started out as room mates at Finca la Flor, but we've had tons of adventures together since then. All of my stories wouldn't be nearly what they are with out them, and it'll be a really tough goodbye when the time comes. From left to right we have Allie from New Zealand, Kayla from Australia, me, and Anna from New Zealand as well.  
Now we're backtracking a bit since we have a lot of land to cover. This is Finca la Flor, where the language camp was. On the left is the Salon de Yoga, where my class was held, and on the right is the cabin we lived in. 
This was a pretty typical sight from our cabin in the early morning at the finca

The waterfall at Finca la Flor

This was my Spanish class for two weeks

All of us AFSers on our last night before heading to our Families

Welcome mocktail in Tortuguero with AFS

Two thumbs up for the Carribean! 

Looking out from the town of Tortuguero

5 AM is a little early for my tastes, but there's no denying the canals of Tortuguero were awesome

Some of the group in Tortuguero. Check out the size of the tree behind us! 
My first host brother, Nathan

Tamarindo Beach

This is the town of La Fortuna with the Volcan Arenal behind it

This is SiNEM, where I spent all day every day. You can sort of see what I was saying with the balconies instead of rooms
Making empanadas with AFS San Ramon!

These are the parrots at my new house
Looking out the back from my new house. Isn't it beautiful?

Dear Playa Conchal, some cheesy romance novel wants its cover back 
MONKEY!!!!!!!! It's worth mentioning that my camera doesn't have some sort of crazy zoom, the monkey was just this close

Boat dock in Nicaragua 
Study abroad with AFS and you too could have friends like these! 
So, one night in Nicaragua this kid came up asking for money, and after we told him we didn't have any he kind of just attached himself to our group. Then the next night we were out walking and we found him again, and he decided to chill with us some more. He says he's 12, likes Real Madrid better than Barcelona, and that I have a pretty face.  
Token AFS picture
And last, but certainly not least, my new host family! This is my sister Ivania 

And here are my host parents!

That's all pholks! (Sorry, couldn't help myself)


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