Nov 2, 2011

Des photos!

For those of you that don't speak French as fluently as I do, "des photos" means photos. Yes, I figured it was about that time when you'd want to see some actual pictures, as opposed to those oh-so-vivid mental ones I have been painting you. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, I'm sorry to say that these are the same pictures I posted earlier. But for those of you who aren't blessed with the gift of being my social networking friend, here are some images from my stay so far!

When I said that I could see the Eiffel Tower from my window, I wasn't making a Sarah Palin joke.

A few steps down the street will bring you right up to it!

Fall colors at the Tower

Insert necessary Arc de Triomphe photo here

And now we get to the random things I find in Paris portion of our tour...

A giant Orangina stretch Hummer limousine, all decked out for the Rugby world cup with a giant inflatable rugby ball and a buff rooster in a France jersey

1984 Peugeot Quasar concept car of the future

And, finally, a dream car picture. This SLS happened to be in a show room, so I got a good picture, but I've been getting my visual fill of Lambos, Ferraris, Porshes, Rolls-Royces, etc while out every day.

That's all for now!

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