Oct 3, 2011

When did I become a blogger?

When I started this blog I really had no intention of making it MY blog, it was more for everybody else. In exchange for people helping me make my trip the best it could be, I promised them updates on how I was doing (and assurance on why I was a good investment). And then AFS picked it up, and I was like "Alright, I guess I should start putting some effort into this, make it seem like I actually believe that people will actually read this." And then people actually read it! Which was surprising. And so I resolved to post more regularly and thoroughly, because if I wanted to keep those 3-comments-per-post coming I needed to step up my game. And then, about 10 minutes after I promised that, I got bored and went to eat some cheese or do something else French like that. But, while I was still only posting like once every 213428394 weeks, I got more into my posts. I put emotion into them, which may sound totally cheesy and cliché but basically means that I was crying while writing my sad posts.

I'm not really sure when it happened, and I'm not really sure why, but somewhere along the line I became attached to this blog.

But now my year is long since over, and this blog's purpose has been fulfilled. I had thought that this would mean I would just stop posting, I'd let the blog lie in a darkened corner of the AFS master blog gathering dust, and in those moments when I was feeling especially reminiscent I might post a friendly message about how my year was still impacting me. After all, who really cares about what I've been doing while I'm being lame and just writing memoir posts.

But guess which kid got the AFS bug? This guy! Well, not really the AFS bug per se, but the travel-the-world-and-make-friends bug. Whatever. The point is that I'm now super into globetrotting, and have done (and will do) more traveling recently than I ever expected to in the past. I spent my summer in Europe couch-surfing from country to country (see last post), I'm spending the next two months in Paris with some family friends, and I just submitted my application for an AFS gap year community service semester for the spring.

As I keep going places, my dad keeps insisting that I tell my "fans" about it. And every time I kind of shrug it off with a "Ha, yeah, like I have fans." (I mean, I totally hope that I do. That would be insanely cool. And flattering. But I doubt it.) But recently I've been thinking about taking a walk on the wild side and going on his suggestions. Maybe I'm just needing a creative writing outlet since I've been out of school for a while and have no assignments, or maybe I'm just on an internet-powered self esteem kick because I found out that Blogger has a stats tab where I can see how many people have visited my blog (WOAH! Do people actually think I'm that interesting? Let's see... traffic sources....ah... people looking for pictures of the French flag...), but what ever the reason, I've decided to revamp my blog. You are no longer at Sophia's AFS Adventure, but the new and improved

Sophia's Global Adventure
(Alright, alright, I only updated the title. What ever, it was a big deal to me.)

Basically, I'm just going to be posting when I feel like it about whatever's new in my international life. I have a hunch that the only person who'll read this will be my grandma (Hi Grandma!), but it'll be good for me.

So yeah, feel free to stay tuned! (I'd love to feel like people care <3 )

(PS, On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was, "It's October 3rd." Bonus points if you get it)

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  1. crap sophie, i was gonna ask you what day it was ^.^ i will miss you on your globetrotting adventures but one day I really hope to join you on one of your adventures!