Apr 29, 2010


Guess what, I'm gonna update my blog!! Yay!
Today is Thursday, meaning that spring break is over. *snif*. But the last week wasn't a total waste. I spent alot of time attempting my homework, attempting being the key word. In other words, I would sit down with my papers layed out, ready to work, and then do something stupid like make a paper airplane out of my DM de maths. But I did eventually get my work done. Friday I went into Lyon with another AFSer, Anni from Finland, and then went to a concert that is pretty much the French equivalent of side-by-side. (For those of you for who that doesn't mean anything, teenage musicians played at the symphony after training with the orchestra). The next day I went to another, rather more exciting concert. Yes, the day finally came to see MIKA! My friend Marion came over in the afternoon, and around 6 we left for the concert. It was paaacckkkeedddd. When the concert started we were the the center of the masssiiivveee crowd in a huuuuuuggeee (I enjoy usic extra letters) concert hall. (It used to be a slaughterhouse. Fun concert location, non?). When the first act started we began to realise exactly how badly placed we were. Litterally the only thing I saw was the shoulder of the guy infront of me. But then fate struck! It was super hot where we were, and Marion got overheated to the point where whe couldn't see anything. We made our way over to the nurses station, and while she rested I noted that the sides were an excellent place to be. We could see the screen and the stage! So, we stayed there and consequently had an excellent concert! The next day was Sunday, and I was obligated to really work on my homework. (Which I over did. My dissertation? 15 pages. The class average? 6 pages)

School this week hasn't been too bad. My science teacher has been absent, so I haven't had that class all week. I got 15/20 on a contrôle de SVT and a 14,5/20 on a DS de maths. :) Wednesday I had rock climbing, and I signed up for some sort of epicness next week where we rock climb, bike, and run. In gym class today the teacher finally gave in and let us run with our iPods, making it much more enjoyable.

The weather has been spectacular. It's HOT, and the sun is always out. That's about it for the moment. Just thought I'd give you all a little update !



  1. whoa! i was not expecting this post!
    you are a dissertation genius.
    and mika!! did he sing in english or french?
    love you!

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