Jul 25, 2009

School news!!!

Countdown to departure: 40 days

I hope you all enjoyed my last post. I know it was a tad bit dull and not really my usual style, but this one should be better. 

I've been talking with my host family, and have gathered some information about my school! I will be going into seconde, which is the equivalent of our 10th grade. I really don't care at all that it will be "the year I just finished", I think it will be hard enough!! My school is called Lycée Louis Aragon, and it is in a place called Givors. I'm not sure what classes I'm taking, but I think I'm taking music and economics (which my host mom recommended as the easiest to take not knowing French =D). My host family is trying to get me in the same class as a girl they know named Lucie so that I'll have someone to show me around and all that jazz. Right now my host family is in Iceland, so I can't really contact them with questions. I'm super excited, though!!

I think that's all for now!

More to come later!

If you would like to sponsor me in France, send me an e-mail or post a reply and I'll get back to you about how to donate! Any monetary help is greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I FOUND YOU!!!
    Thanks for the help. I thought I had tried the copy and paste method, but guess that I had missed a step somewhere.

    I am so excited for you! I definitely will sponsor you, but I have limits on what I will "buy" for you to eat. Now, I am the one that thinks that nothing else can surpass the local breads - yes the "Just Plain Bread". You will learn a whole new meaning for crepes.

    I love the "W" explanation for what you will go through, and that is SOOOOO true.
    So just remember when the about 6 weeks bottom come, it will pass.

    I look forward to all of the blogs and some e-mails too.

  2. Hey Sophia! This is Sarah from the Orientation! (The tall redhead going to Iceland)
    I'm so excited for you!! You already got your family and everything!
    You're so lucky! I haven't gotten my family yet and I depart in about 22 days :O
    Can't wait to keep up with your blog! Mine is http://englishrose127.vox.com/

    Talk to you later!