May 25, 2009


     Congratulations! You've managed to find your way to my new blog! You may be wondering why I started a blog. It's not because I have developed a sudden passion for internet ranting, and it's not because I want to become an internet celebrity (although that could be pretty cool...). It's actually because I'm going to France for a year! Next year, instead of attending THS (Home of the golden general Michael Phelps), I will be living somewhere in France. 

Here's the deal: 
  Last year I applied to be part of an AFS International exchange program, and I got accepted!! AFS (American Field Service) is an organization that connects students from all over the world through semester, year, and summer exchange programs (I'm doing a year program). I will be living somewhere in France with a host family, going to a French school, and learning the French language and culture through total immersion. I will also be oceans away from everybody at home, which brings me to this blog.

  Since this is such a cool experience, and since I want everybody in the states to experience it with me,  I'm starting a blog! It will be my way of sharing details of my adventures with you all. I'll post updates on the status of my program, the status of my day-to-day life, and the status of my sanity. Check back for developments soon. 

Until then,